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What Should Be Considered In Mammography With An Implant?

What Should Be Considered In Mammography With An Implant?

For implant wearers, as with other women, a mammogram of the breast may be necessary at times. Reason may be a palpable lump in the chest, or simply a breast cancer screening study. Then the radiographer should be advised of the implant in advance. It is best to bring the implant passport or the medical reports from the operation. Because documentation about the type, size, shape and position of the implant can help the assistant to choose the right recording technique. Under certain circumstances additional recordings are necessary. If, nevertheless, parts of the breast are underexposed, an additional ultrasound or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the breast may be needed to supplement the examination.

What Are The Risks And Complications Of Breast Augmentation?

As with any surgical procedure, mammary augmentation may also result in bleeding, wound healing disorders, and infections. If a well-qualified doctor performs the surgery, the risk of such complications is relatively low. Nevertheless, in some cases, there have been deaths during breast surgery or afterwards.

When fine nerves are severed, the nipples in some patients are less sensitive after breast augmentation. Mostly the deafness decreases soon. In rare cases, however, it may persist or result in increased sensitivity.

The most common complication is a so-called capsular contracture. Because an implant is foreign to the body, it always surrounds the organism with a shell of connective tissue. This capsule is usually very tender and soft. In capsular fibrosis, the body increasingly forms connective tissue. This thickens, hardens and shrinks the capsule. In extreme cases, this causes the women to have pain, their implant shifts and the breast deforms. Depending on the severity, capsular contracture may require corrective surgery. The causes of this complication are not clear yet. Ten or more years after breast augmentation, 15 percent of patients have more or less severe capsular contracture. However, studies show that the problem is increasingly rare, thanks to modern implants and better surgical techniques.

Most implant manufacturers today give a lifetime guarantee on the durability and dimensional stability of their products. Nonetheless, women should go to the doctor immediately if they notice that the volume, shape or texture of their breasts is changing. In addition, to detect a capsular contracture or a defective implant, it is important that the patients perform the usual annual follow-up.

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