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Which Implant Types Are There?

Which Implant Types Are There?

The implants used for breast augmentation are medical devices and thus subject to the Medical Devices Act. So you have to meet very strict standards in terms of quality and safety. The shell of a breast implant is always made of silicone. This made of the chemical element silicon rubbery plastic is also used in medicine elsewhere, such as for wound drainage. In the past, silicone has been suspected of causing autoimmune diseases and breast cancer. Large scientific studies, which were then carried out mainly in the US, but found no evidence for such a connection.

What Are Breast Implants Filled With?

There are two types of filling: silicone gel or physiological saline solution. The latter is considered the most harmless material. Because in the event that the physiological saline expires from the implant, the surrounding tissue absorbs them without problems. However, saline implants can lose volume over time. Then they become wrinkled and sometimes bubble. In addition, they feel less natural than silicone-filled breast implants.

Today these usually contain a chemically highly crosslinked (cohesive) silicone gel. It has a like rubber bear consistency, is largely dimensionally stable and does not occur so easily in tears in the tissue. That a modern breast implant bursts is extremely unlikely. The outer shell consisting of up to eight layers of silicone is usually roughened (textured). A rough surface reduces the likelihood that the implant will rotate and cause capsular contracture (see section “Risks and complications“).

The Choice Of The Right İmplant

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